A. Richard Manner

  Refinery Process Optimization

A. Richard Manner


BS and MS  Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(1975-1979) Participated in the MIT Practice School Program.


Over 35 years experience in the Refining Industry


Exxon Research and Engineering 1979-86
KBC Advanced Technologies 1987-2015

Creative thinker and idea generator with thirty-six years of progressive consulting experience, and technical expertise in Hydrocracking, Hydrotreating, Hydrogen Manufacturing, Reforming and Isomerization, as well as various synthetic fuel processes such at Fischer-Tropsch, Coal Liquefaction and Shale Oil upgrading.

  • Participated in over 100 Profit Improvement Programs. Generated profit improvement ideas and evaluated their merit. Primary areas of expertise are Hydroprocessing and Hydrogen Manufacture and Recovery, Reforming and Isomerization. Typical savings realized by clients ranged from $0.50 to  $4/B
  • Reviewed refinery and petrochemical Expansion projects and developed reduced cost/higher value expansion alternatives that more fully utilized both new and existing facilities.
  • Reviewed the findings of refinery Profit Improvement Programs to ensure KBC’s refinery technology was being applied correctly.
  • Developed simulation models for Hydrocracking, Reforming, Delayed Coking, Isomerization, Hydrogen Manufacture and Petrochemical (ParaXylene and Ethylene) and Gas-to-Liquids plant performance evaluations.