Who We Are

Who We Are

All successful refiners continuously increase capacity and profitability.  This goal creates a constant need for top quality refining process expertise. Only the largest refiners are able to employ hundreds of new junior process engineers to develop a few of them into process specialists.

Top Line Engineering on Demand

Finding Subject Matter Experts (SME) when you need them is one of the most difficult problems to solve in the refining industry. industry. Now you have access to arguably the most knowledgeable and experienced engineers in the industry.

TTC Labs provides the answer for those refiners who demand top grade senior engineers for projects to increase capacity and profitability. TTC is your source for the most experience and intelligent team of top line talent that can’t be equaled by even the largest refiners. TTC will give your company the advantage of engineering wisdom and experience without the time and money needed to develop and maintain this level of excellence.

International Process Engineering

TTC Labs has provided process engineering expertise to over 200 refineries and most major engineering firms. We are an international process engineering company. We continually travel to refineries in counties around the World. (see Our Case Studies) The list of our refinery projects continues to grow based on repeat satisfied clients. Our team of over 15 senior engineers average 35 years experience. (See Our Experts)

TTC provides in-depth process expertise to the Refining and Petrochemical Industry. Design work includes new units, revamps and, very difficult revamps. Our Consulting services cover troubleshooting, process schools and, our specialty, non-investment profit programs.

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Improved Technology and Design

TTC doesn’t design complete refineries, we don’t build refineries, we don’t give speeches or present papers. We just make your refinery more profitable, efficient and dependable. A refinery is a complex machine and the processing problems are a constant. We are the people who solve those problems and increase your production by keeping you up and running longer than anyone else in the industry.

We use the name “Labs” because like most of you, we started as chemical engineers and scientist. We still consider oil process design to be a science. Our mission statement has not change in 29 years. Whether it’s the last molecules of aromatics or black oil, we want to maximize the production of high-margin products at your refinery.

Refining Wisdom

TTC is a company of 15 Subject Matter Expert engineers that specialize in every process of an oil refinery. “Wisdom” is said to be when intelligence combines with experience. TTC is a remarkable collection of knowledgeable and experienced engineers that work at one company. (See Our Experts)

Keeping refining units running at maximum capacity is a constant struggle. Let us show you how to decrease ongoing OpEx and reduce your future refinery CapEx with less down time. TTC is a very economical solution for increasing your profits and keeping you running longer between shut downs.

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