Our History

Founded in 1987 by George Winter

After 25 years of experience at UOP, George Winter put together a company comprised of the world’s leading Process Engineers providing expertise for each of the processes designed into a refinery. The goal was to use his years of association with the world’s top engineers to bring their combined skills and knowledge to the refinery industry around the world.

TTC is a process engineering firm in the Refining and Petrochemical Industry.  The organization is comprised of the top process engineers in the refinery process business with an average of 35 years experience in the industry.  About 60% of the business is in North America, and 40% is international.

TTC specializes in designs for Aromatic Units and Crude Units along with all other process units. We have provided over 200 revamp and design projects around the world. TTC’s business model is based on successfully delivering improved refinery profit margins, higher capacity and safety, at a low Capital Expense that continues to deliver repeat business from our clients.


Most of our projects are cost neutral in the first month or two because of the increased profit and cost savings from the need for zero capex improvements. We typically are able to achieve these results at a lower CapEx and expense than you would anticipate.

You can be assured that you will receive the best process engineering in the industry with TTC. Learn how we can improve you refinery’s profitability and performance with our Technology and years of expertise.  Contact us to schedule a conference.