Reformer Units

TTC Reformer Window Service

In 2007 TTC developed the first “Reformer Window” model that allowed our engineers to optimize a reformer’s performance. This detailed spreadsheet allows your engineers to constantly monitor and adjust the performance of your reformer. Your engineers will manage your reformer as the internal conditions change without waiting on outside sources for information and calculations making your reformer’s operation more profitable and dependable. It is like having a window into the chemistry of your reactors. A TTC Reformer Revamp delivers these benefits:

  • Optimize performance of existing catalysts
  • Find and Troubleshoot problems that arise
  • Predict reformate yields for new feeds with existing catalysts
  • Serve as a check to vendor claims

TTC uses the Reformer Window in all revamps and includes this service for one year as part of a revamp program. The Reformer Window Service is available without a revamp. It’s a low cost licensed service that is the fastest and most profitable way for a refinery to boost profits in the industry. (see Case Studies)

Cyclic Reformers

Cyclic Reformers are the most complicated reformer type. Due to our in-depth understanding of the cyclic hardware and chemistry the optimization and revamp of Cyclic Reformers has become a large part of our business. TTC’s engineers are the Industry’s leader in the technology involved in revamping Cyclic Reformers. Our results typically deliver these results:

  • Optimization of chloride levels
  • Increase C5+ liquid yields
  • Reduce LPG Production by 1 -3%
  • Reduce corrosion with moisture control
  • Regeneration time optimization

TTC’s revamp design for cyclic reformer has no peers. TTC’s results typically allow you to pay for your revamp with increased efficiency and yield in 6 to 12 months.

CCR & Semi-Regeneration Reformers

TTC provides optimization and revamps for all 3 styles of reformers. Our revamp design for your reformer is optimized by the use of our “Reformer Window” program.

Refineries usually no longer need to rely on catalyst suppliers to solve their optimization problem after a TTC revamp. Reformate estimates for new feeds can be determined internally to maximize the use of expensive Catalysts. Reformer utilization is growing rapidly because of the increase in Octane required with fract naphtha. Optimization is challenging due to the constant aging of catalysts and changing operating conditions but a TTC Reformer Revamp can simplify and improve your reformer’s performance with our unique technology, experience and knowledge.

Contact us today to set up a meeting to learn about our unique Reformer technologies. A Reformer feasibility study will show you how much more profit and yield you can get with a TTC Reformer Revamp.