Mike Vance


B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Mississippi


Over 30 years experience in the Refining/Petrochemical and Gas Processing Industries


Tenneco Oil, Mobil Oil, ExxonMobil, Premcor, Solomon, TTC

Held many technical and operations management positions. Extensive background in planning, economics and logistics. Client and startup manager for BTX expansion project. Worked all over the globe.

Process operations responsibilities included crude vacuum (sweet, sour, syncrude), anode and fuel coking (including coke handling), reforming, hydrocracking, HF alkylation and BTX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, ortho & paraxylene). Participated in development & implementation of global best practice network. Involved in several resource initiatives like manufacturing excellence, learning & growth, operator training & development.

Spent 8 years at Solomon, with deep appreciation for what the best really look like. At TTC, just getting started…