R. Clifford Lee


BS Chemical Engineering, Clarkson College of Technology


Over 35 years experience in the Refining Industry


Exxon Research and Engineering 1978-1987
KBC Advanced Technologies 1987-2015

Experienced technical consultant and project manager with 36 years of petroleum refining experience around the world, including International Oil Companies, Independents and National Oil Companies. Technical expertise in Crude and Vacuum Distillation, General Fractionation and Naphtha Reforming.

  • Project Management for 23 Profit Improvement Programs, directing activities to improve refinery performance in yield and energy areas. Typical opportunities realized by clients ranged from $0.50-4.00/BBL of crude processed.
  • Technical consulting on over 30 Profit Improvement Programs for Crude and Vacuum Units and general fractionation, including simulation development and performance improvement opportunity development.
  • Project Management for several major refinery reconfiguration projects for clean fuels production, residue upgrading and refinery expansion.
  • Process Design for several Crude and Vacuum Unit deep cutpoint revamp projects to maximize vacuum gasoil recovery from residue.
  • Development of Best Practice unit monitoring tools, benchmarking and operating/monitoring guidelines for Crude and Vacuum Units and Naphtha Reforming Units.